Saturday 28 April 2018

Iron Fist Mod - GTA IV

This script mod is based on the Marvel superhero Iron Fist. It is fairly small in terms of features and abilities, but it's strength lies in the way it interacts with the game physics. This mod involves a lot of  manipulation of particle effects.

The Script file is in .oiv format, You can see here on how to install .oiv format files: Here

Download: Support Link :D - Free Link :)

  • Tap 'I' key to turn into Iron Fist and back.
  • Tap 'Q' key to channel chi and increase health.
  • Tap '2' to dissipate all channeled Chi and return to normal.
  • Tap 'E' to execute ground smash.
  • Tap '1' key to enable "Flying Fist".
  • Tap 'Z' key when Flying Fist is enabled to target/not target pedestrians.
  • Tap 'X' key when Flying Fist is enabled to target/not target vehicles
  • Turn into Iron Fist and back.
  • Possess super strength and martial artistic moves.
  • Ability to channel Chi and dissipate it later. Chi can reach a maximum level of 10.0, and the minimum is 2.0. The power of the attacks depend on Chi level. Attacks are normal up till a level of 4.5, above which and until 7 they're moderately powerful, and above which untill 10 they're overpowered.
  • At a Chi level of 4.5 and above, Iron Fist's fists start glowing with Chi energy, indicating the rise in strength.
  • Able to target peds, vehicles, and objects with melee attacks. The strength of these attacks and the amount of power and force generated by each depends on the current Chi level.
  • While channeling Chi, Iron Fist's health also increases and he recovers from any damage caused to him.
  • Execute ground smash wherein Iron Fist smashes the ground and thrusts away everything that's in a 100 m radius. The power, force generated, and radius of the ground smash depends on the Chi level.
  • Execute Flying Fist in which Iron Fist propels himself at high speeds towards peds/vehicles and punches them away. Fist can only target peds or vehicles at any one time. The strength of the punch and the effects generated depend on the Chi level. At a level of 7 and above, the Flying Fist is powerful enough to explode and burn the ped/vehicle, generating enough force to blast even Iron Fist away

Human Torch Ped Model: Michael thewolf modding

Scripting, testing, ideas and everything else by GTA BK Modding(Me).

For all the people who are downloading this mod :)